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Well & Beautiful Med Spa

Well & Beautiful was founded on the belief that the meaning of beauty is as individual and personal as we are.  When booking with Well & Beautiful we’ll sit down eye to eye and get to know each other.  We’ll discuss your aesthetic goals and what you find beautiful and tailor an individualized treatment plan to get you there. 


Beyond aesthetics, relationships are important to us. We want you to trust us, to feel supported and comfortable in our chair, and to continue to stay in contact when you leave.  We want to know about your life, your struggles, and to celebrate your wins along side of you. 

"Beauty is as individual as we are."

Ali Mileski RN, Founder of Well & Beautiful Med Spa

Meet Our Providers




Botox, Dysport, Xeomin


Juvederm, Restylane


"Ali is so smooth.  I hardly felt anything when she injected!"

Jen Miller

"I feel comfortable when I'm in Ali's chair.  I love how she does a mini breathing exercise and medication before we start.  It's not something I've experienced anywhere else."

Alison Burns

"I look forward to going in for my Botox.  The space is warm, inviting, and I love being greeted with a hug.  We spend time talking and I really feel like Ali cares about me being happy with my results."

Kris Lopez

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2018 Fort Bragg Rd

Suite 106B

Fayetteville, NC 8303


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